Houston Getting New Helmets for 2013?


[Update: An athletic department official said the helmets are mock-ups but not the finished products.]

Just months after slightly revising its traditional football helmet, Houston appears determined to become the Oregon of Texas with a wide array of looks for its debut season in the Big East this fall.

Quarterback commit John O’Korn tweeted out several photos of new looks for the Cougars, including a white matte helmet with the usual interlocking “UH” logo, a red chrome lid with Houston’s new “ThunderCats”-like logo from last year and another chrome one with a steel plate pattern and the “UH” logo.

Like the all-gold chrome helmets Baylor will be wearing this fall, we’re sure recruits and players will love the chrome helmets, but we personally like the white matte lids the most.

White Matte Helmet Grade: B+

Red Chrome Helmet Grade: C+

Steel Plate Helmet Grade: B

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