Indiana Gets Candy-Striped Chrome Lid


Bloomington, IN, has come down with a case of Football Helmet Fever.

On Monday, the Hoosiers football team was presented with five alternate helmets that they’ll get to choose from during the 2013 season. The one that brought the house down was a chrome model that pays tribute to the iconic candy-striped warm-up pants worn by IU’s men’s basketball team. Check out the player below who was so floored by the look he hit the deck:


Here’s a recap of all five:

#1: Chrome candy-striped helmet: It’s Oregon-esque, has ties to IU history and college kids love will love them. Grade: A-

#2: Red helmet with the Indiana state flag logo on one side and uniform number on the other. A classy and symbolic look, even if it’s not the best state flag. Grade: B+

#3: Red helmet with giant block “I” on either side. Indiana used to have these as their regular helmets. There’s a reason IU got rid of them. Grade: C+


#4 & #5: White helmet with large red stripe down the middle and the interlocking “IU” logo on either side & white helmet with large red stripe down the middle and the uniform number on either side. Both looks are equally uninspired. Grade: C


Overall Grade: B-

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