Holtz Flips Out Defending Mack Brown


The producers for ESPN’s college football studio show thought it’d be a good idea to do a “mock trial” for Texas head coach Mack Brown following the Longhorns’ 44–23 loss to Ole Miss on Saturday. Little did they know that Lou Holtz — speaking on behalf of Brown while Rece Davis and Mark May played judge and “prosecutor,” respectively — would treat it as if it were an actual trial.

Holtz got so incensed at Davis’ final decision that Texas would not return to elite status again while Brown was head coach that the 76-year old knocked over his podium and walked off the set while screaming, “That ain’t an act! Hell with it!”

It might have been the best court room meltdown since Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

Holtz always backs his coaching brethren but at this point, Texas’ descent into mediocrity is indefensible.

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