Holgorsen Slams Marshall & East Carolina


West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen has previously displayed a nasty habit of belligerently shooting off his mouth — a habit which, from the sounds of it, he’s not doing anything to put a stop to.

In an interview with the Charleston Daily Mail, Holgorsen was asked about WVU scheduling more future games with power conference schools and what it would mean for regularly-scheduled regional games against the likes of Marshall and East Carolina. He responded thusly:

“The major conferences breaking away from schools like East Carolina and Marshall, I think that’s got some legs to it, but whether it happens or if I’ll still be coaching when it does happen, I don’t know. I hope it happens because they’re the ones holding us back from being able to feed our players three times a day or from being able to pay them just a small stipend to make their lives a little bit easier so they’re not starving to death at specific times of the year.”

Talk about a cheap shot. As one Redditor asks, “Wonder if he has ever seen someone who is actually ‘starving to death.’ ”

[Charleston Daily Mail]

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