Hoiberg’s Daughter Disses OSU-ISU Refs - Lost Lettermen


Hoiberg’s Daughter Disses OSU-ISU Refs


Fred Hoiberg will likely remain mum on the controversial late charging call in Iowa State’s 78–75 loss to Ohio State in the Round of 32 on Sunday, but that’s not stopping his oldest daughter, Paige, from speaking her mind.

One of Hoiberg’s sons recently celebrated a birthday, and his cake came with a miniature referee — which Paige promptly put upside down “because we hate them so much.” Paige knows a thing or two about hoops herself, as she currently plays for the Gilbert High School women’s team outside Ames.

Kudos to Paige for playing the role of loving daughter. Plus, as far as referee criticism goes, this is pretty funny.


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