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Hog Lady Celebrates Bret Bielema Hiring


You didn’t honestly think that “Arkansas Hog Lady” Liz McDaniel was going to miss a chance to memorialize the Razorbacks’ hiring of Bret Bielema in song, did you?

Making her support of Arkansas AD Jeff Long’s hire clear to see and hear, McDaniel parodied “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees. When the song gets to the chorus (“Then I saw his face / Now I’m a believer”), McDaniel holds up an iPad with a picture of Bielema’s mug.

Two other things worth noting about the video. 1) McDaniel has adorned her usual hog hat with a Christmas-colored elf’s hat. Tusk never looked so adorable; 2) Perhaps addressing her critics, McDaniel posted the following in all caps in the video description section: “This video is meant to be funny and is a parody of an exaggerated Razorback fan. Some of you people need to grow up!!”

Happy holidays, Liz McDaniel and Razorback Nation. Enjoy your early Christmas present.

[Kegs ‘n Eggs]

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