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Hofstra Bball Players Rob Coach’s Home


What was already a sluggish start for the Hofstra men’s basketball program after a 3-4 record so far took a dramatic turn for the worse on Friday when four players were suspended over alleged burglaries that included robbing the home of their own basketball coach.

According to Nassau County Police, six campus dorm rooms and the home of head coach Mo Cassara were broken into. The players arrested were Kentrell Washington, Jimmy Hall, Dallas Anglin and Shaquille Stokes. Hall (12.7 PPG) and Stokes (10.0 PPG) are both among the top four scorers on the team. Valuables taken included cash, computers and other items.

Athletes robbing dorm rooms is sadly becoming a trend in college sports but allegedly burglarizing your own head coach’s home? That’s a new low.

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