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Sick Video Draws N.O. Police’s Attention


A video of an Alabama fan placing his testicles on a passed-out LSU fan in a New Orleans Krystal restaurant that went viral on the internet over the last couple days has now drawn the attention of the New Orleans police.

Remi Braden, a spokeswoman for the New Orleans Police Department, said the Sex Crimes Unit is aware of the incident and reviewed it. Neither the victim or perpetrator is known at this time. Police said they cannot investigate until the victim files a complaint.

“In sexual assault cases, victims make the ultimate decision to inform police so that we can thoroughly investigate a situation,” Braden wrote. “Should that person in this video decide to come to us, we will launch a complete investigation.”

Originally posted on BamaSportsForum, the story was picked up by Deadspin and has been viewed there over 265,000 times. The LSU fan was reportedly passed out at the fast-food chain in the French Quarter after the BCS title game when Alabama fans started toying with him as if it was a frat party.

Things went way too far when one Alabama fan pulled out his testicles and placed them on the LSU fan, which eventually could land the Tide fan behind bars.

First Harvey Updyke, now this guy.

We don’t even want to know what else Alabama fans are capable of.


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