Hawaii FB Back to ‘Rainbow Warriors’


In a move that is sure to divide fans, Hawaii announced on Tuesday that it’s football team will once again be known as the “Rainbow Warriors” instead of just the “Warriors.”

Reports the AP:

Hawaii’s athletic department is scrapping a plan to drop the word “Rainbow” from its men’s teams’ nicknames.

Hawaii officials announced Tuesday that starting July 1, all the school’s men’s teams would be known as the Rainbow Warriors, while all the women’s teams would be known as the Rainbow Wahine.

That backtracks from a previous plan announced in February for the men’s teams to be known as simply the Warriors—the current name for the football team.

Athletic director Ben Jay says the change comes in response to public reaction to dropping the term Rainbow from all men’s teams.

Jay says the issue is emotional, with the only consensus that the teams should share a nickname.

Hawaii’s men’s teams currently use three different nicknames.

Hawaii’s football team used to be called the “Rainbow Warriors” but became known as just the “Warriors” in 2000, as then-athletic director Hugh Yoshida admitted players did not feel comfortable with the rainbow’s association with the gay community: “That logo really put a stigma on our program at times in regards to its part of the gay community, their flags and so forth. Some of the student athletes had some feelings in regards to that.”

Personally, we love Hawaii football getting back to its original roots and can only hope this leads to use of Hawaii football’s retro uniforms we love.


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