Hawaii, BC Get Wounded Warrior Unis


Under Armour has done a nice job saluting our military with multiple “Wounded Warrior” uniforms and the latest to receive them are Hawaii and Boston College.

As you can see below, both teams are getting new unis with the American flag’s stars on one shoulder and stripes on the other. The Eagles will replace their standard helmet stripe with a thick stripe that’s half stars and half stripes while the Warriors have a white helmet with a Hawaiian-style stripe down the middle.

Boston College will wear the uniforms on Oct. 27 vs. Maryland while Hawaii will wear theirs on Nov. 24 vs. UNLV. The uniforms will then be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project to aid injured U.S. soldiers.

We support anything that pays tribute to American soldiers but we have to admit, the Boston College uniforms are pretty darn ugly. The Hawaii ones are much better although we don’t like the unsymmetrical shoulder pattern Under Armour has become obsessed with: Boston College Grade: C- | Hawaii Grade: B-

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