Hard-to-Read Names on New Baylor Unis


Adidas has made a big push for their new “Bleed Out” uniforms recently. It started with the NBA teams that played this past Christmas day and continued with what Wisconsin and Nebraska sported on Jan. 6.

Baylor is the latest Adidas school to sport the look, debuting its “Bleed Out” threads on Monday night against Kansas. The yellow outline of both “Baylor” and the players’ numbers on the front of the jerseys looks pretty sharp. Where we get a little confused is the nameplates on the back. Their shade of green is so similar to the jersey’s dominant color that the players’ names are rendered virtually invisible.

Oregon’s football uniforms in recent years have often gone with a similar nameplate shading scheme, so it’s nothing new. But it’s still puzzling. Grade: B

[College Spun]

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