H.S. Sends Student Home for Manziel Cut


When we came across video footage on Thursday of a Texas A&M fan getting a haircut/painting of Aggies QB Johnny Manziel, we thought it was awesome. Unfortunately, it was not a sentiment shared by the high school that the A&M fan attends.

The same day we reported on the aforementioned story, 17-year-old Christian Chavez — the proud owner of the Manziel cut — was sent home by the principal at Hill Country H.S. in Kerrville, TX, for what the latter deemed was a haircut that “was inappropriate for school policy.”

“I thought I would be fine,” Chavez told reporter Bill Speros on Thursday. “My mom came and got me. She didn’t like the fact they told me to go home.”

Coincidentally, Kerrville is Manziel’s hometown, but the QB attended Tivy High School.

Personally, we think sending a kid home for a “Johnny Football” haircut is childish and stupid. But as Ferris Bueller so aptly put it, so is high school.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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