Groom’s Cake Celebrates TTU Over UT - Lost Lettermen

Groom’s Cake Celebrates TTU Over UT


Nearly five years later, memories of Texas Tech’s last-second home upset of top-ranked Texas in 2008 after a Michael Crabtree touchdown aren’t any less rosier for Red Raiders fans.

Anyone in search of proof of that need only take one look at the recent groom’s cake of a TTU fan, one that’s patterned after the interlocking “TT” scoreboard at Jones AT&T Stadium. Sure enough, the scoreboard reads “Tech 39, Texas 33” with no time remaining in the fourth quarter.

The level of detail that went into other parts of the cake — namely the ads for UMC Health System and AT&T near the top and the white, script “Red Raiders” in the middle — are also similarly impressive.


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