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Gonzaga Sports New Jerseys vs. Butler


Perhaps Gonzaga’s heart-breaking, buzzer-beating loss at Butler on Saturday was the style gods’ way of saying to the ‘Zags, “We hate your new jerseys.”

Indeed, Gonzaga’s new Nike jerseys will either make you gag or raise your eyebrows in confusion. Neither “Gonzaga” nor “Bulldogs” runs across the front. Both are passed up in lieu of the school’s Bulldogs logo, placed above each player’s number.

This would be fine for a practice jersey, but the fact that this is worn in a game just makes us shake our heads. It brings to mind those regrettable jerseys that North Carolina trotted out for the 1999–2000 season (thankfully the only season we had to see those).

Here’s hoping Gonzaga shelves these — both for stylistic reasons and to get the awful taste of the loss to Butler out of its mouth. Grade: F

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