Gonzaga F Making Waves With His Hair


No, eighth-ranked Gonzaga does not feature Thor in its starting lineup. The flowing locks of junior forward Kelly Olynyk only makes it appear that way.

Olynyk has been a star for the Bulldogs this season, averaging 18.3 PPG and 6.8 RPG while shooting 80.5% from the free throw line. Yet mention of him - most notably on SportsCenter - usually comes with an added comment about his hair.

While the appearance of Olynyk’s hairstyle is questionable, the reason why he’s growing it out is not.

“I just grew it at the start, but I think I’m going to cut it for cancer patients, maybe Locks of Love,” he told The Spokesman-Review in November. “I’m still looking into it. I know it has to be pretty long.”

As long as he keeps on playing a big role in Gonzaga’s best start to a season ever, Olynyk can do whatever he wants with his hair.

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