Girl FB Player Becomes Web Sensation

Cody Paul became an internet sensation as a 12-year-old when his Pop Warner football video exploits had people calling him “The White Reggie Bush” (he’s now a freshman RB at Division III Chadron State). Don’t be surprised if Sam Gordon enjoys a level of stardom that burns even brighter as the “Female Reggie Bush.”

For starters, Gordon is a nine-year-old girl from Salt Lake City playing in an all-boys youth football league. And Gordon’s not only participating, she’s dominating.

The descriptor in the YouTube video — which was posted on Monday and has nearly 200,000 views as of 9:30 AM ET on Wednesday — says that she rushed for 1,911 and 35 TDs while averaging 8.2 yards/carry this past season. It’s incredible watching Gordon fly by would-be tacklers with tiny legs that seem to be moving so much faster than anyone else on the field (including the adult referee).

And for any doubters who question whether she can take a hit, fast-forward to the 3:20 mark of the video. In addition to showing she’s tough enough to get tackled, she displays an eye-popping penchant for dishing out punishment of her own.

Welcome to the world of internet fame, Sam Gordon. You’ve definitely earned it.

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