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Urban Meyer’s Daughter Calls Out ESPN


Urban Meyer is working overtime again - this time, at ESPN.

The burnt-out Meyer retired after six years and two national championships at Florida to spend more time with his family. And when he said it, it didn’t seem like a cliche.

However, it seems like he’s burning the midnight oil again in his new job as an ESPN college football analyst. The network has had him traveling around to different campuses to preview the season well in advance.

His daughter, Gigi, doesn’t seem to like the travel schedule.

Tweeted the high school senior: “Dear @espn... can I please have my dad back?? Tinks”.

The tweet came a few weeks after her sister, Nicki, shot down rumors over Twitter that Meyer would be hired at Ohio State if Jim Tressel was fired.

Say this for Meyer’s daughters: They are top of their father’s life.

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