Georgia Tech KO Return Ends In Safety - Lost Lettermen

Georgia Tech KO Return Ends In Safety


Georgia Tech RB Orwin Smith is one of the most exciting playmakers in the ACC but on Saturday against Miami (FL), Smith had one of the biggest brain farts in recent college football history.

While trailing the Hurricanes at home 10-0, Smith received Miami’s kickoff in the Georgia Tech end zone and started to come out before changing his mind. Smith stuck his hand out across the goal line to brace himself before taking a knee in the end zone.

The problem? The ball had crossed the plane of the goal line, resulting in a safety. That means Georgia Tech gave Miami two extra points and the ball right back after the ‘Canes had already taken a two-score lead. “The U” promptly marched back down the field for a touchdown and a 19-0 lead.

And we thought getting a safety by tripping over your own quarterback was bad...


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