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George Conned $250K From Villanueva?


Among those allegedly scammed by a Ponzi scheme perpetrated by former UConn guard Tate George is fellow ex-Huskies basketball player Charlie Villanueva.

Villanueva appeared in federal court on Tuesday to testify against George, whom he says conned the NBA player out of $250,000 after he signed a $30 million contract with the Detroit Pistons in June 2009. According to a report in The Trentonian, George had promised Villanueva “the return of his $250,000, a profit of $37,500 and two percent on the gross for years to come; maybe more than $2 million.”

“It’s $250,000!” Villanueva told The Trentonian. “That could have gone to my son’s education.”

Definitely don’t count on any interaction between these two at future UConn basketball reunion events. Tate George profile | Charlie Villanueva profile

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