UCLA’s Gasol Defends Himself on Reddit

We’d like to personally thank UCLA freshman basketball player Adria Gasol — the younger brother of NBA players Pau and Marc — for proving that some of the athletes people bash on the internet pay close attention to what we say.

On a Saturday Reddit post concerning a high school hoops picture of Marc, one of the commenters brought up Adria, of whom he heard “he’s not very good at basketball.” The first person to respond to the comment? None other than Adria himself.

“I have to get more athletic, but it’s pretty hard to do when my body is still in the process of growing,” he responded under the account  name “Airdria.” “It sucks, and I probably won’t get any playing time this year, but I’ll still fight and work to become the best I can be.”

The youngest Gasol brother, as it turns out, has been a devoted redditor for a while, as evidenced by his first-rate responses to the various queries. He even changed the subject to whether Mike Brown should have been fired from the Lakers when he got bored talking about himself.

And with that, redditors everywhere have a new favorite basketball player.


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