College FB Gamer Busts EA Sports, NCAA


By Chris Mahr, LostLettermen.com

In an embarrassing blow to the NCAA in former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon’s ongoing antitrust lawsuit against college sports’ governing body, a gamer recently discovered that former Florida QB Tim Tebow’s name was used in playcalls on EA Sports’ “NCAA Football 10.”

As it appears, this is in direct contradiction to both the NCAA’s and EA Sports’ agreement not to use the names of current student-athletes in video games, as “NCAA Football 10” was released in July 2009 prior to Tebow’s senior season at Florida.

The gamer, who goes by the Twitter handle @Dr_Doughstax, captured several screenshots of shotgun formations and playcalls that are exclusive to Florida’s playbook and use Tebow’s name. (The gamer was using Florida’s playbook while playing as West Virginia.)

It’s not an easily stumbled upon “glitch” either. As explained by SB Nation’s Patrick Vint: “While the full formation name is shortened during gameplay, the full title is revealed in the Game Prep feature in Dynasty mode. The name of the play also shows up on the left side of the screen during gameplay in this mode.”

We don’t know what Dr. Doughstax was doing playing a version of “NCAA Football” that’s almost four years out of date. And while this won’t make or break O’Bannon’s lawsuit, one random college football gamer stumbled upon something that will surely be used in a trial that could ultimately cost the NCAA billions.

Who says nothing productive comes out of playing video games all day?

[SB Nation]


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