Gamecocks Trainer Ogles WR Ellington


During the third quarter of South Carolina’s 49–6 win over UAB on Saturday, a female Gamecocks trainer was caught gazing wistfully at wide receiver Bruce Ellington.

It’s a look that brings to mind the Vince Vaughn line from Wedding Crashers, “Miss Manners just eyef***** the s*** out of me.”

To give the trainer the benefit of the doubt, there’s a good possibility that Ellington — with his back partially turned to the camera — said something that made her crack a smile. It doesn’t hide the fact that she looks like a school girl ogling her crush walking down the hallway.

At that point in the game, Ellington had an impressive five catches for 98 yards. Perhaps the young woman was merely admiring Ellington’s, uh, performance.


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