GA Attorney General Bashes Tech Football

It’s more than possible to be both a sports fan and a politician. In fact, it’s encouraged in the South. But being on that public platform makes commenting on the local sports teams a slippery slope. Georgia attorney general Sam Olens now knows this after a recent Twitter faux pas.

After seeing a billboard congratulating Georgia Tech for making Saturday’s ACC Championship Game, Olens tweeted, “I just saw a billboard congratulating Tech ACC Coastal football champs! Miami won it, Tech is 6–6, how embarrassing.”

The backlash was swift. Even though Olens was just telling the truth, he felt compelled to post the following apology to the Tech community.

It’s worth pointing out that Olens grew up in New Jersey and not Georgia. So he probably thought he was harmlessly speaking his mind rather than alienating a part of his constituency with his tweet.

Now he knows better. And he hopes Tech fans won’t hold this against him during his next election campaign.

[The Big Lead]

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