FOX’s Erin Andrews Denies 50 Cent Kiss?


[Update: Andrews has blamed the awkward kiss on herself.]

Suzy Kolber, you’ve got company.

America’s most famous sideline reporter and FOX college football host Erin Andrews was working pit road before the Dayton 500 on Sunday when she just happened to come across 50 Cent. Why he was there, we have no idea. Clad in an Oakland Raiders hat and leather jacket, “Fiddy” went straight for the kill by puckering up and trying to kiss Andrews.

With cat-like reflexes, EA dodged the kiss and turned her cheek to allow a light peck instead of a full-on smooch.

The shocking moment reminiscent of when an intoxicated Joe Namath talked about his desire to kiss Kolber on national TV in 2003 almost shut down Twitter with endless snark:

We’re sure this works with plenty of women when you’re a famous rapper, but 50’s game could use a lot of work.


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