Fowler to Meyer: HCs Want to Punch You


Evidently, one of the few people unaware of the enmity that Ohio State’s Urban Meyer has inspired among his head coaching counterparts is Meyer himself.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Chris Fowler, Meyer acted surprised upon hearing of the “quiet criticism” he’s received from other head coaches.

Fowler: If there were a head coaches’ fight club, or “What happens in fight club stays in fight club,” there’d be a few that’d want to take a swing at you.

Meyer: (smiling) Is that right? I didn’t know that.

Fowler: You seem surprised.

Meyer: Yeah. I didn’t know that.

Fowler: I’m not buying that.

Meyer: I’m very surprised. Other head coaches?

Fowler: Yeah. Could you hold your own in there?

Meyer: You’re darn right I’d hold my own.

Meyer likely knew exactly what Fowler was talking about but the awkward grin on Meyer’s face during this back and forth is priceless.


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