Floyd Mayweather Betting $3MM on UM?


Floyd Mayweather is known for his ostentatious gambling bets and if the latest rumor is true, the legendary boxer has reached a new level of wagering.

According to the popular sports handicapping and gossip Twitter account @incarceratedbob, “Money” Mayweather has placed a cool $3 million bet on the Michigan Wolverines for this Saturday’s game between No. 8 Michigan and No. 2 Alabama on Saturday night in Cowboys Stadium.

Michigan is a 14-point underdog to the defending national champions.

The Twitter account for the gambling website Sportsbook.ag has also tweeted the rumor, adding that 69% of their bettors have done the opposite of Mayweather and wagered on Alabama.

Mayweather has made headlines in the past by betting $400,000 on Alabama for last January’s BCS Championship Game and $1 million on the New England Patriots to beat the Denver Broncos in last season’s NFL playoffs - both of which landed him a hefty pay day.

Mayweather certainly has the money to spend after recently being named the highest-paid athlete in America by Sports Illustrated with a whopping $85 million salary, but we’re guessing we won’t be seeing him in any of the NCAA’s “don’t bet on college sports” ads anytime soon.


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