Floyd Mayweather Won $1MM on Ducks

Floyd Mayweather’s huge sports bets have been well documented, as “Money Mayweather” has a habit of making his bets public only after he wins.

He did so again on Friday, as the pro boxer placed a $1.1 million bet on Oregon to beat Arizona State on Oct. 18 and made the winning bet public by putting his ticket on Instagram. The Ducks were 7.5-point favorites and -110 to win, meaning Mayweather won $1 million when the Ducks crushed the Sun Devils, 43-21.

Mayweather was rumored to have lost three million dollars by betting on Michigan to beat the spread vs. Alabama on Sept. 1, so this was a quick way to earn back some of that cash.

It should be noted though that even for the highest-paid athlete in the country who reportedly earned $85 million last year, possibly betting $4.1 million on two college football games this fall is completely insane.

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