Top 25 CFB Fails: #25 - ‘F’ for ‘FSU’ Face Paint


This is the first installment of a 25-part series; every weekday until the opening week of the 2013 college football season, we will be counting down the Top 25 College Football Fails Ever - including but not limited to players, coaches, fans, officials, mascots and uniforms. (Note: FBS programs only.)

When ESPN cameras scanned the crowd during the 2012 Florida-Florida State game for an FSU coed to focus on, they found one who had painted “FSU” on her face. Backwards.

More likely than not, the fan had enjoyed a few pregame beverages before painting her face — this is Florida State we’re talking about, after all — and had painted the three letter acronym of the school so that it would appear correct in the mirror (but not in real life). Not only is “FSU” spelled backward, the whole thing just looks really, really creepy.

The “F” in “FSU” is for the grade that this fan receives for face painting.

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