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Florida Punter Arrested for Scooter DUI


Grant Van Aman’s quest to contribute to Florida as a redshirt freshman walk-on punter this upcoming season just took a huge swerve — just like his red scooter.

Van Aman was arrested by Gainesville Police early Saturday morning on suspicion of DUI while on his scooter. According to the police report, Van Aman cut off the arresting officer — who happened to be at the scene — when he missed the stop sign at the 1200 block of Southwest 8th Avenue.

The officer “hit the breaks” on his car to avoid hitting Van Aman, who “jerked the handle bars on his scooter causing it to swerve and almost lose control.” Upon pulling Van Aman over, the officer noticed “a very strong odor of alcoholic beverages,” his eyes were “watery, blood shot and extremely dilated” and his face was “flush and pale.”

While embarrassing, Van Aman’s arrest still falls well short of that of former St. Joe’s guard Delonte West in the lexicon of “Humiliating Arrests to Take Place on a Scooter.”

[Only Gators Get Out Alive]


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