Florida OL Breaks Arm in Scooter Crash


It would be one thing if Florida sophomore OL Tyler Moore had become the Gators’ most recent injury casualty for something that happened on the field. Alas, he wasn’t so “lucky” in that regard.

Moore is out for the remainder of the season after breaking his arm on Tuesday night in a scooter accident. Even more bizarre is that it continues a recent trend of UF players getting into scooter-related trouble. In June, redshirt freshman punter Grant Van Aman was arrested on suspicion of DUI while on his scooter, while OL Jessamen Dunker was arrested and charged with grand theft auto for stealing a scooter six months before that (he transferred to Tennessee State in April).

Why do we get the sneaking suspicion that head coach Will Muschamp is going to be banning a certain two-wheeled, motorized vehicle from the football program in due time?


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