Florida LB Before Arrest: ‘I Am Antonio!’


As Florida’s likely starting middle linebacker to begin the 2013 season, Antonio Morrison is sure to be a recognizable face this fall. In the interim, however, he’s on the wrong side of the law for punching a nightclub bouncer who didn’t care who Morrison was.

Morrison was arrested early Sunday morning after, according to the Gainesville Police Department, Morrison asked the bouncer outside Kava Lounge at 2:15 AM about a discount. He reportedly yelled, “Don’t you know who I am? I am a football player! I’m Antonio!”

When the bouncer denied Morrison any sort of discount, Morrison reportedly hit him with a closed fist on the top of the head.

Perhaps Morrison should be thankful that the bouncer was stubborn enough not to be swayed by his “star power.” Had he gotten free admission, it could have been an NCAA violation along the lines of what allegedly got Tyrann Mathieu in trouble (among other things) at LSU.

Also, “I am Antonio!” sounds like the type of line more appropriate for The Princess Bride than an altercation outside a nightclub.

[Alligator Army]


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