Florida H.S. Unis Out-Oregon Oregon


The college football uniform craze has hit the high school level and one prep football team just found a way to even out-Oregon the zany Oregon Ducks.

That’s right, Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, FL, has unveiled possibly the craziest football uniform of all time: Unsymmetrical hunter green threads that feature blinding neon green for half the pants, left shoulder and left sleeve. Or, as Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post put it, the uniforms look like they were dipped in Kryptonite.

The Eagles also have wings on the shoulders almost identical to ones the Ducks had last season, but clearly this Florida high school has beaten Oregon and Nike at its own game of making the most outrageous uniforms possible. The crazy new look also includes a futuristic bird on the helmet that is oversized and extra creepy without a pupil in its eye.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the uniforms were donated by Prep and Sports and Delray 21, a part of the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. They were designed by Ryan Boylston of the local Futuristic Woo.

Whether you love these uniforms or hate them, they are spreading like wildfire on the internet and proving that Futuristic Woo just hit the publicity jackpot.

[Palm Beach Post]

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