Fight Vid of LSU’s Jeremy Hill Released


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Language in video below is NSFW.]

Suspended LSU running back Jeremy Hill plead guilty to a charge of battery on Friday stemming from an April 17th fight outside Reggie’s Bar in Baton Rouge (he was sentenced to two years of probation). A recently released cell phone video of the incident shows that Hill was wise to enter a guilty plea.

With a verbal agreement already in progress, Hill — decked out in a purple LSU long sleeve t-shirt — gets a running start before blindsiding his victim with a sucker punch. A few seconds later, one of his friends follows that up with a rabbit punch of his own. Hill and his group of friends are then shown celebrating their feats.

The running commentary from the person shooting the video says it all: “Jeremy Hill, punching people.” Don’t be surprised if Hill’s indefinite suspension turns out to be a lengthy one or even a dismissal following the release of this video.


Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey/USA Today Sports

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