Mike Ditka Wigs Out With Ricky In ‘99 - Lost Lettermen


Mike Ditka Wigs Out With Ricky In ‘99


Mike Ditka likes to ham it up as an NFL broadcaster on ESPN. It wasn’t a personality that the network created.

If you need proof, look at the video below - the introduction of Ricky Williams as a member of the New Orleans Saints after being picked fifth overall. Ditka’s Saints traded all their picks in 1999 to move up and select Williams, who was the NCAA’s all-time leading rusher at the time.

Ditka, as an ode to Williams, came out to the press conference with a dread-locked wig. Even the jaded media laughed.

It didn’t work out for the Saints - Williams was traded to the Dolphins in 2002 - but he is still in the league and this is one of the best remembered moments involving the draft.

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