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FCS Villanova Fools BC on Puntrooski


Boston College escaped an upset bid from FCS Villanova, 24–14, on Saturday. But not without the Wildcats making things very interesting - especially with their first-quarter touchdown that opened the scoring.

On 2nd-and-13 at the Eagles’ 47-yard line, Villanova WR Jamal Abdur-Rahman lined up in the Wildcat (no pun intended) and beautifully faked a between-the-legs handoff to a teammate. It was so convincing that both the BC defense and the cameraman were badly fooled.

After that, Abdur-Rahman raced almost untouched to the house to give ‘Nova an early 7–0 lead. It was a beautiful return on a variation of the Fumblerooski, which was banned from college football after the 1992 season, called the “Puntrooski” - famously run by Florida State in 1988.

Score one for Colonial Athletic Association football!

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