FCS Team’s Pants Resemble Underwear - Lost Lettermen


FCS Team’s Pants Resemble Underwear


Did the Bearkats of Sam Houston State switch their athletics nickname to the “Quailmen” and not bother to tell anybody?

During SHSU’s FCS national semifinal game against Eastern Washington on Saturday, TV cameras zoomed in for a close-up of a huddle on the Bearkats’ sideline. We’re likely not alone in thinking that the pants of the Bearkats’ Nike-issued uniforms resemble briefs you see on a Calvin Klein billboard.

Thankfully for Sam Houston State, the style faux pas hasn’t adversely affected their on-field fortunes. With a 45–42 win over Eastern Washington, the Bearkats advanced to their second straight FCS national championship game - tighty-whities and all.


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