Fans Outraged Over Thomas HOF Snub


Few pass rushers in recent memory were as dominant in college or the NFL as the late Derrick Thomas. Yet another year has passed without the former Alabama standout being posthumously elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

He’s been a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 2009 — the end result of an NFL career in which he was named to the Pro Bowl nine times (1989–1997). With the Crimson Tide, Thomas was named a First Team All-American and the Dick Butkus Award winner in 1988, the same year in which he set unofficial NCAA records for sacks in a season (27) and career (52).

How that’s not convincing enough of a resume for the College Football Hall of Fame voting committee is beyond us — not to mention a lot of people on the Twittersphere, whose collective outrage at the snub was substantial enough to get Thomas trending on Tuesday afternoon. Derrick Thomas profile

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