Fans Calculate Grambling’s Tourney Odds


It’s more than likely that Grambling State’s men’s basketball team, on the heels of a 0–27 regular season, will lose its first round SWAC tournament game against Alabama A&M on Wednesday. But that didn’t stop some ambitious Redditors from calculating the odds of Grambling winning the NCAA tournament.

Spoiler alert! They aren’t high.

Using stat guru Ken Pomeroy’s efficiency data, one Redditor calculated that the odds of Grambling winning the SWAC tournament was 0.001% (or one one-thousandth of a percent). The Redditor then multiplied that number by 0.001 for each of the Tigers’ hypothetical tournament games to come up with 1 x 10-30 percent — the equivalent of a coin flip landing on the same side 95 teams in a row.

It is an infinitesimal possibility. But a possibility nonetheless…


Photo Credit: Steve Dykes/USA Today Sports

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