Texas A&M Fan with Butt Tattoo Revealed


Along with what we assume are many other college sports websites, we were wrong in assuming that the fan who had the final score of Saturday’s Texas A&M-Alabama game tattooed on his butt was cheering for the Crimson Tide.

On Tuesday, Clay Travis profiled Calvin N., a senior business major at A&M who has cheered for the Aggies all his life. In the preseason, with low expectations for A&M’s first season in the SEC, Calvin bet his roommates that the Aggies would lose at Alabama. If he was proven correct, they’d pony up $100. Otherwise, “I’d get a tattoo of the score on my a**.”

To Calvin’s credit, he didn’t welch on the bet when the Aggies won, immediately heading to a College Station tattoo parlor with approximately 15 of his friends to pay up. Thirty minutes later, the deed was done. Shortly after that, pictures of Calvin’s new ink started going viral.

“My dad was pumped, he’s an Aggie,” Calvin told Travis. “My mom thought it was hysterical.”

Calvin may be a reckless bettor, but he’s not an idiot. He claims to carry a 3.6 GPA and is currently looking for a post-college job. The interviews for which, he admits, he’ll have some explaining to do.

“The interesting thing is, I wanted the tattoo to be on the a** so nobody would see it,” he said, “and because I put it on my a** everybody has seen it.”

Chances are that Calvin also learned a thing or two about loyalty to one’s team.

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