Fan Makes Half-Court Shot, Misses $50K


Alex Permann whooped and hollered as if he had won the $50,000 prize after sinking a half-court shot to complete his participation in the shooting contest at halftime of the Missouri Valley Conference title game on Sunday.

There was just one catch: The 24-year-old optometry student at Missouri-St. Louis didn’t properly follow directions and missed out on the prize.

Permann’s challenge was to make a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and half-court shot in less than 24 seconds. He made the first two shots, but instead of attempting a 3-pointer next, he headed straight to mid-court - from which his first shot splashed through.

“There was a miscommunication and I was given some instructions that didn’t match the instructions the announcer said,” Permann told reporters afterward. “I was so excited to be out there that I didn’t pay attention to what he said. I had in my mind what I was going to do before I went out there.”

Recognizing that Permann still performed admirably, MVC tournament organizers gave him a hell of a consolation prize: Four tickets to “Arch Madness” for life and four VIP passes and a three-day hotel stay at next year’s tourney.


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