Fan Gets Butt Tattoo of A&M-‘Bama Score - Lost Lettermen

Fan Gets Butt Tattoo of A&M-‘Bama Score


Texas A&M’s upset of Alabama on Saturday proved even more painful for one fan that we assume was rooting for the Crimson Tide.

Reddit user “domcar 18,” A&M Class of 2015, posted an NSFW photo to the Aggies Reddit board of a friend who lost a bet on the game and had to get the final score tattooed. On his right butt cheek.

Our first thought on this matter concerns the tattoo itself. Even with a straightforward concept like inking the final score of the game, they managed to screw it up by putting the apostrophe to denote 2012 on the right of the “12” instead of the left.

The second thing we’ll comment on is the bet. We’re curious/slightly scared of the group of friends that hold each other to bets like this. And we really hope the loser of the bet is, in fact, a ‘Bama fan. If he was instead an A&M fan, he deserves this shame for betting against his own team.


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