Fan Furious Over Oregon Pink Helmets


Not everyone was a fan of the pink helmets, socks and cleats that Oregon wore against Washington State on Saturday.

On Friday, GoDucks.com editor Rob Moseley received a voicemail from a purported “huge Oregon Ducks fan” who spent two minutes blasting the Ducks’ new look:

“Now they’re gonna politicize and feminize the game of football? I mean it’s so stupid Rob. We watch the Saturday games to get away from that crap, sir. ... Most of those kids, if they’re normal males, on that football team, they probably have to resent wearing pink helmets and pink shoes. ... None of you Oregon men probably have any gonads. ... You shouldn’t do that to the kids, Rob. Cut it out. Let’s start acting like men.”

If the guy who left this voicemail is actually a huge Oregon fan, he shouldn’t mind what Oregon wears when they win by 24 points like they did on Saturday.


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