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Fan’s CFB Uniform Redesigns Go Viral


Many college football fans think they’re Tinker Hatfield when they suggest their designs for new uniforms, but they lack the skill to pull it off. Jake Nevill is one such fan who does have the skill.

Under the Redditor handle of boognasty, Nevill posted 16 different jersey designs to his Imgur account on Tuesday. (He’s also been posting them piecemeal to his Twitter handle, @jakenevill.) The love Nevill has gotten from fellow college football fans has propelled his post to the top spot on Reddit’s CFB page as of 1:20 PM ET Wednesday.

Cleary an Arkansas fan at heart, Nevill designed six alternate jerseys for his Razorbacks. (Our favorite is the tree camouflage design — a clear shout-out to the state’s love of the outdoors and hunting.)

But our favorite jersey overall is an honor shared by Florida State and Marshall. With the former, the Seminole feather design lines the area around the neck and shoulders, while the front of Marshall’s has a watermark-like Buffalo design that’s a nod to the “Thundering Herd” nickname.

Perhaps Hatfield or another higher-up at Nike should call Nevill up with a job offer.


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