Family of Tide Fans Uses Baby as Football

You know those classy family photos where everyone’s wearing white (or matching colors of some kind) and they look all dolled up? One family of Alabama fans went in another direction.

In the middle of the photo you have the four oldest children, all decked out in Crimson Tide gear. Flanking them on either side is what appears to be the parents, both of whom sport conspicuous sleeve tattoos. The piece de resistance of the pic: The father pretending to throw the baby toward the mother as if it is a football.

We write a lot of stories concerning bizarre Alabama fans, and we’re starting to see an evolutionary trend. First you adorn your baby bump with an Alabama-themed painting to ensure Tide fandom in the womb. After the birth, you pose with your baby as if it’s a football. Then, when they’re toddlers, you teach the child to recognize Nick Saban on command.

Family-rearing Alabama style. There isn’t anything quite like it.

[Outkick the Coverage]

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