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Co-Worker ‘Posterizes’ Ex-WVU Player


Former West Virginia forward Wellington Smith made a name for himself with the Mountaineers by denying his fair share of would-be scorers at the rim. (His 140 career blocked shots are third in school history).

Recently, a pair of his co-workers at GameChanger — a New York City-based scorekeeping and statistics software company where Smith is the director of basketball marketing — did what few (if any) of Smith’s opponents in college could do: Posterize him.

Granted, it wasn’t on an actual basketball hoop. But it was still very well executed: One coworker held up a waste basket behind Smith’s head, while another one dunked a miniature Nerf basketball (or something like that) into it before Smith knew what hit him.

Somehow we get the sense that Smith — as good-natured as he seems — would not stand for any of this if they were all on an actual basketball court. Wellington Smith profile

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