Ex-Vols Strength Coach Breaks Into Arena

Hell hath no fury like a jilted lover, er, strength and conditioning coach.

Troy Wills — who spent eight years as Tennessee basketball’s strength and conditioning coach before being let go after last season — was arrested on Saturday and charged with burglary, theft and vandalism after using a hack saw to break into Thompson Boling Arena.

The police report says that Wills caused $750 in damages and swiped over $4,000 worth of items from the desk of event management director Bill Whitesell. Wills has since been released from custody on bond and will appear in court on March 6.

Take heart, Tennessee athletics. You’re not the only target of Wills’ wrath. He was also arrested last December after taking a $100 bottle of tanning cream from Fusion Tanning Studio in Knoxville without paying for it.

We know why Wills would want to retaliate against the Vols. We don’t even want to know what Fusion Tanning did to draw his ire.

[Bush League Chronicle]

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