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Ex-USF C McDonald Causes Epic Flop


If you thought flopping in the NBA was bad, check out how atrocious it is in the Philippines.

Former USF star and current Petron Blaze player Will McDonald was battling in the post with Barako Bull forward Mick Pennisi when McDonald became infuriated with the physical contact, turned around and spiked the ball off Pennisi’s head last night in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

Pennisi was so stunned by the incident that he stood in shock for a moment before crumpling to the ground and reaching for his head. McDonald was ejected from the game - which he should have been even without a flop - while his team dropped the contest, 94-80.

“I think I’m going into acting when my career is over,” Pennisi told The Philippine Star afterward. The incident has already picked up significant press overseas and been featured on Sports Illustrated’s “Hot Clicks” as it appears only a matter of time until the “Flop heard ‘round the world” is viral on YouTube.

While one might assume Pennisi is European from the theatrics, he was actually born in the Philippines and of Australian-Filipino descent.

We don’t even want to know what Filipino soccer players do to get calls…

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