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Ex-LSU OL Peter Dyakowski Botches Final Jeopardy! (PHOTO)


​Former LSU offensive lineman Peter “The Mullet” Dyakowski (2003-06) appeared on Jeopardy! Tuesday night and gave what is undoubtedly one of the worst guesses for a Final Jeopardy! clue.

The contestants were given this clue: “Team nicknames of the 8 Ivy League schools include 4 animals, 3 colors and this Christian denomination.”

You would think a former college athlete could guess this in his sleep.

But instead of guessing “Quakers” for Penn, the three-time SEC All-Academic team member and Canada’s Smartest Person in 2012 guessed, “Orangemen.”

Let us count the ways this answer is wrong:

1. Syracuse goes by the Orange now, not Orangemen

2. Syracuse is not an Ivy League school

3. Orangemen is not a Christian denomination (although it is a Protestant fraternal organization, so that’s kind of close)

Unsurprisingly, Dyakowski finished last on the show.

Naturally, his teammates on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were ready to bust his chops over the mishap on Wednesday morning.

It’s been a rough couple weeks for SEC’s academic reputation...

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