Ex-IU DB Goes Nuts in Lingerie League


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Language in video below is NSFW.]

We thought we’d seen the low point of head coaching language directed at players from former Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice - until now.

Even though most folks probably make fun of the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League), Keith Hac — who played defensive back for one year at Indiana in the early 1980s — takes his job as head coach of the Chicago Bliss very seriously.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t curse out his players in legendary style, as he did during his team’s 34-12 victory over the Las Vegas Sun on May 10th while being mic’d up.

The unquestioned highlight of the whole video comes at the 26-second mark, when safety Heather Furr screams at Hac, “Know your plays!” after he acknowledges a mistake in his coaching. Having none of that, Hac responds, “I’m gonna (bleep) you in the face!” which appeared to be another one of his many f-bombs.

Not only is that language completely inappropriate for any head coach to say, why is there a child on the sidelines with him?

[The Big Lead]

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