Dan Dakich Confirms Dating Fan’s Mom


A potentially awkward moment turned hilarious when ESPN’s Dan Dakich confirmed during Tuesday’s Ohio State-Indiana game that a young woman holding a sign that read “Dan Dakich Dated My Mom ... Seriously” was telling the truth.

In fact, Dakich was about to share the name of both the woman and her daughter with a national TV audience had play-by-play partner Mike Tirico not intervened with, “Don’t name the woman. Don’t embarrass her.”

“Are you kidding me?” Dakich jokingly replied. “She should wear that as a badge of honor ... Her daughter wears it as a badge of honor, why shouldn’t she?”

It sounded like Dakich said the woman’s name was “Diane,” but we couldn’t make out the last name.

Nonetheless, it was pure hilarity.

[USA Today]

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